BC Bankruptcy Lawyers are listed under the following cities:

Richmond | Surrey | Vancouver

BC Bankruptcy Lawyers - Richmond :

Scales Bullet Kimberly S. Campbell, 604-682-4999
186 - 8120 No. 2 Road, Suite 814 Suite 700, Richmond, BC, V7C 5J8 View Map  Email  

Kim CampbellFor almost three decades, Kimberly S. Campbell has been serving Trustees in Bankruptcy, Receivers and Receiver-Managers, Monitors, debtors, creditors, and others in relation to all manner of personal and corporate insolvencies, receiverships, and proceedings under the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act.

He would be more than pleased to assist you.

You may read his paper about BC bankruptcy exemptions re: the Thow decision of November 17, 2010 on this site.

You may read his paper about the July 14, 2011 Supreme Court of Canada decision in Schreyer v. Schreyer.

  BC Bankruptcy Lawyers - Surrey :

Scales Bullet Morrison & Company, 604-930-9013
15225 104th Ave.Suite 306, Surrey, BC V3R 6Y8 View Map  Email Website 

Murrray MorrisonMurray K. Morrison practices almost exclusively in the area of personal insolvency, and has done so for the past 28 years. Mr. Morrison firmly believes that all potential bankrupts should speak with counsel prior to speaking with the trustee, in order that they may learn their rights and duties prior to committing the same to paper.

This approach aids the bankrupt in communicating with the trustee and avoids errors in reporting.

BC Bankruptcy Lawyers - Vancouver :

Scales Bullet William D. Riley, Barrister and Solicitor, 604-682-8330
1800 - 999 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W2  View Map   Email Website  

Wiliam RileyBill Riley is a sole practitioner of 25 years experience who restricts his practice to Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Receivership, Security Enforcement, Debtor/Creditor law and related Commercial Litigation.

He acts primarily for bankrupts, debtors, creditors, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy and he has been involved as counsel in most of the significant insolvency proceedings in British Columbia since 1990.

Scales Bullet Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP, 604-687-6575
Toll-Free: 1-800-687-6575

300 Royal Centre - 1055 Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3R3 View Map  Email Website 

Bull HousserOur team of insolvency and restructuring lawyers advises businesses, lenders, shareholders, directors, receivers and trustees on all manner of debtor/creditor issues and assists clients through formal or informal insolvency proceedings or debt restructurings. We are highly experienced courtroom lawyers yet have the business acumen to craft and implement practical and cost-effective solutions outside the court process. Whether negotiating forbearance arrangements or workout plans, collecting indebtedness and realizing on security or guiding a debtor or creditor through a reorganization under the Companies Creditors? Arrangement Act or the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, we bring to bear many years of dedicated experience and a reputation for solid, timely and practical advice.

Scales Bullet Lawson Lundell LLP, 604-685-3456
1600 - 925 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3L2 View Map   Email Website 

Lawson Lundell LogoLawson Lundell's Banking & Insolvency Group are recognized leaders in their fields. In addition, our team of paralegals and legal assistants use cutting edge technology to provide cost-effective legal services to clients in Western Canada and the North.

We have extensive experience in acting for corporate and individual debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, trustees and receivers in matters ranging from simple collections to complex restructurings under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act or the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Scales Bullet Murray Jamieson, 604-688-0777
1152 Mainland St, Suite 200, Vancouver, BC  View Map  Email Website  

Katherine WellburnFrom 1993 to 2000, Katherine M. Wellburn was a Registrar of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and a Registrar in Bankruptcy. After leaving the Court, she honed her skills in the Banking and Insolvency group at Campney & Murphy and then in the Commercial Litigation Group at Harper Grey LLP.

Katherine is the author of the chapter on Bankruptcy Remedies in the British Columbia Creditors' Remedies Guide and the Chapter on Reviews of Legal Fees in Practice Before the Registrar. She is a regular speaker at the annual forum for the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Practitioners.

Katherine acts for both creditors and debtors and is frequently called upon by trustees and other lawyers to deal with insolvency issues and complex disputes about fees and costs.

You may read her papers about student loans and bankruptcy and tax debts on this site.

Papers and Articles on Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Kim Campbell

It was the worst of times.  And then it got worse. Divorce and bankruptcy:  when two negatives cannot make a positive.

The unanimous July 14, 2011 Supreme Court of Canada decision in Schreyer v. Schreyer (2011) SCC 35 is the latest case to show the even more difficult circumstances in which parties to a marital breakdown can find themselves when one of them becomes bankrupt.  It also highlights the challenges which arise from the constitutional division of powers in Canada, and hence the differing outcomes which can arise from things such as where the parties reside at the time of their divorce. 

Exemptions, Exemptions, wherefore are Thow? (with apologies to Shakespeare)  - An analysis of the November 17, 2010 BC Court Decision in which the decision throws doubt on how exemptions under the BC Court Order Enforsement Act have been handled heretofore. - by Kimberly S. Campbell, Barrister and Solicitor (December 20, 2010).

More about Kimberly S. Campbell.

Katherine Wellburn

Katherine M. Wellburn has contributed the following articles:

An Education in Debt - Student Loans and Bankruptcy - by Katherine M. Wellburn, of Dickson Murray (2007, Annual Pan-Canadian Insolvency and
Restructuring Conference)

Taking it all Away - Traps set for Debtors Trying to Dodge the Taxman - by Katherine M. Wellburn, of Dickson Murray (Insolvency and Restructuring Conference September 18-19, 2008)

More about Katherine M. Wellburn

There is more information about Bankruptcy at this Page.



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