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Canadian Wills Estate Lawyers

When a person dies without a will, all of that person's property is distributed according to a formula fixed by law.

Without a will, legal costs are increased. It can also lead to hard feelings. Finally you will have no say as to who will look after your affairs after you have gone.

Preparing a will is relatively inexpensive and not time consuming.

There are a number of vehicles a person can chose:

  • Living Wills - Personal Directives A personal directive is a legal document which gives instructions on major non-financial personal decisions if you cannot make your own decisions;

  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • This is only available in some provinces. This type of power of attorney is sometimes called "durable power of attorney" or "springing power of attorney" which "springs" to life when a certain event, specified in the power of attorney, has taken place.

  • Alter Ego Trusts
  • Alter ego trusts are trusts, created after 1999, where the settlor (the person who creates the trust) is the sole person who has a right to all the income of the trust each year. Further, no one but the settlor can have a right to the capital (assets) of the trust while he or she is alive. It’s possible to set up a “joint partner trust,” which is the same as an alter ego trust except that both partners (married or common law partners) have a right to the income of the trust annually, and no one but those two individuals has a right to the capital of the trust while either of them is still alive.


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